Message from the Tour Director

Dear Fellow Riders,

Greetings !! I take immense pleasure in presenting to you all third edition of the yearly flagship event of Club Cyclone, the “Tour of Aravallis”, now fondly known as TOA. Being one of the core committee of the Club Cyclone, I have closely watched it grow from a group of amateur cycling enthusiasts to a passionate bunch of avid cyclists. The “Tour of Aravallis” is a sort of culmination of their passion, hard work, camaraderie and a deep desire to challenge themselves. This season of “Tour of Aravallis” (TOA 4.0), will be conducted from 13th Nov to 17th Dec 2010, served three purposes that every cyclist aims to achieve.

  1. Challenge : “When your legs scream ‘stop’, and your lungs scream; that’s when it starts.” True to the statement, our cyclists loved and overcame all the challenges that this beauty of a terrain had to throw at us: Uphill, downhill, curves, elevation or any other.
  2. Fun : With possibly the best cuisine, hotel and all the technical and logistical support by passionate volunteers, the participants had nothing to worry about. The parties after the strenuous rides were some of the best we have been part of and will remain forever as our cherished memories
  3. Camaraderie : The bonding amongst people from all walks of life made it a unique and enriching experience for all of us. Be it a 50 years old participant sharing a room with a collegian or a surgeon bonding with an interior designer – the camaraderie amongst the participants is now stuff of a legend.

The tour taught all of us the values of discipline and sheer persistence of a mind, when the body wants to give up. We believe we can carry these in our daily lives too. The whole experience would not have been possible, let alone unforgettable; without meticulous planning and spotless execution by our own team TOA. These “team behind the scenes” often go unnoticed and when that happens, you know that the event has been a grand success. I am at a loss of words in congratulating and thanking them.

TOA’s tremendous success in first two seasons, has now motivated us to conduct the same at a much larger, much better and more inclusive scale. Team TOA challenge and thrill is to continue making it grand and raise the bar every season. We are all set to make TOA 4.0 grand and memorable for all the riders and of course team TOA.

Please don’t get discouraged if you are not selected for the tour this time, write back to us, if you are a passionate cyclist and want to be part of volunteer for the tour. We will be happy to select a few this time. Volunteering is a demanding game, but you make lots of friends, you meditate, you discover self (self less self), you watch the game closely and discover newer things about cycling, if you are the game, write back to us…

Looking forward to a grand season of TOA 4.0, and hope to see you on the hills of Aravllis….

My sincere thanks.

Tour Director.