Route & Itinerary

Day 1 – Abhapur to Ambaji

110 km, +1193 m – 1090 m

This is new route edition to the TOA. First time TOA riders will test their climbing skills on the polo forest hills.

Abhapur and polo region, which is best known for its forest range and green cover in the range of Aravalli mountains, is also a delight for riders. Lush green surroundings in the hill forest will make put you closer to mother nature.

Start your day and you will hit the main climb during first 40 kms. Love it or hate it, you are gonna remember this one.

Feel fresh air, new route on Day 1 of TOA 4

At the end of the day, you will reach Ambaji, one of the 51 “shakti-piths” in India. Abjaji is one of the most famous temple in Gujarat and attracts millions of visitors every calender. If you are on time, relax at hotel and go to Ambaji temple to take blessings from Godess Amba Maa.

Day 2: Ambaji to Mount-abu to Abu road

84 km, +1285 m – 1472 m

Start your day with a lovely scenic route passing by a small river, mostly descent until you hit Abu road. Abu road is base to climb the peak of Aravalli range of mountains.

After a warm up of 30 kms, you enter the zone of Aravalli peak. Well, there is no downhill now, until you reach Mount-abu.

Roads are beautiful, so as surroundings: so be determined, watch a motivational video before you start your day, set a target you wish to reach at the peak and execute well. Do plan your hydration strategy well, which is crucial.

After celebrating your peak climb briefly, descent to Abu road and recover well.

Day 3: Abu road to Ranakpur

136 km, +575 m – 405 m

New route again, most of day 3 is new route for TOA riders. Country side, less of traffic but more of small localities. Feel the deep forests and ride besides jawai bandh.

After half mark, you will start feeling self and then you enter Ranakpur forest range. You will enjoy this as second half of the day is mostly descent, except small climbs on rolling 😊

Day 4: Ranakpur to Udaipur

94 km, +1124 m – 995 m

Today is a day you need to step up in the morning, if you play your cards well in the morning, you are going to be very happy at the end of the day.

Start your day and a challenging climb is waiting right in the first 20 kms. This is the climb most riders loves and look forward to. It is complete forest feeling. Watchout for monkey families greet you in the range, be careful to say hello from distance.

Once you complete the climb, hit highway via Sayra and then form small groups to make balance ride towards Udaipur enjoyable.