Route & itinerary

Day 1: Udaipur to Ranakpur 30 Aug

Distance: 164.4 km, Elevation: +1595 m / -1815 m

After a fantastic hospitality at Radisson Blue, Udaipur. Riders would be enthused and looking forward to the day with fresh pair of legs.
Today is a century day with warm-up for rolling and small hills. You will love the landscaping surroundings on the first 40 km highway, surrounded by scenic rocks and green carpet landscaping as surroundings. Rajasthan is beautiful in this part of the year.

That will be followed by rural beauty until you reach Sayra. At this point, you will enter beautiful Ranakpur region and also a down hill 😊. Let the gravity do the job and enjoy the scenic route passing through Aravalli mountains.
Mana is a lovely resort in the mid of wild life area near Ranakpur.
Group photo session: we have planned a group photo session at 05:30 pm at Ranakpur Temple.

Rule of the game for the day: Plan breaks, control your enthusiasm, conserve for the next big day. Reach hotel by 04:00 pm.


Day 2: Ranakpur to Abu road 31 Aug

Distance: 157 kms, Elevation: +1385, -1523

An early morning flag off for the day. You start early, you end your day before sun set.

This is the day to test your endurance and fighting spirit. A long day, starting with abundance nature and scenic vally of Ranakpur forests. Warm up a few kms and the challenge is there in front of you first thing in the morning. You are gonna ride up the climbs you descanted previous day evening. If you manage your first 40 kms well, you are going to be have a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Rule of the game for the day: you set your rule, we would like to see you finish smiling


Day 3: Abu road to Gurushikhar and back to Mount Abu 1 Sep

Distance: 68 Kms, Elevation: +1640, -728

Look at the distance, happy? Well tell us at the end of the day 😊

Make sure you had a good rest on previous night, as day 3 is THE day of the tour.

Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu, is the highest peak of Aravalli range and one of the most difficult climbs in the region.

After a warm up of 20 kms, you enter the zone of Aravalli peak. Well, there is no downhill now, until you reach Guru Shikhar peak.

Roads are beautiful, so as surroundings: so be determined, watch a motivational video before you start your day, set a target you wish to reach at the peak and execute well. Do plan your hydration strategy well, which is crucial.

We will have kings and queens of Guru Shikar at the end of the day and lots of stories to tell and listen during the cool off party and award ceremony.