Dear team Montra TOA 2.0… I leave Ahmedabad with only 1 thought in mind…Montrah TOA 3.0

It was so amazing to see all the organizers running around, working hard, sweating it out, but still with a big smile on their faces of you approach them for anything. Even Jonty was amazed that this was all voluntary service. Helmets off to all you guys!

My legs may have had enough, but my heart hasn’t… So when I’m in Ahmedabad next, will try & catch up with you all for a nice long ride (followed by chai &maska bun!)

SheriyarUnawala – Track n trail racing team, Chennai

No words to express….. Absolute superb arrangements, Fantastic support….TOA2.0 really rocked….Camera crew was outstanding…

And Team TOA , you have a real challenge. What are you going to do next?? Difficult to imagine if something better can be done …

Apurva Oza, Ahmedabad

TOA 2 was my first long distance cycling experience and what a thrill it was! Thoroughly enjoyed the route and the company of my fellow riders. The organization by the team was beyond my expectations. I will forever cherish the memories of this adventure. Looking forward to being a part of the next one. Cheers to lasting friendships & the joy of riding.

Raju Parekh, Surat

Dear friends, I reached home safely this very morning. I have had a fantastic time with all of you people.

All the warm memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Love you guys (and girl)! “Stay Hard, Stay Hungry Stay Alive” (Bruce Springsteen)

Marco Handriks, Hollend

TOA.2 was a 7* cycling experience all stars representing
1) Management,
2) Routes
3) Hospitality
4) Photography
5) Participants
6) Cyclone Members,last but not the least
7) Rajasthan “Padhro Mare Desh
overall a life time thanks TOA for the experience

Vikram Rahod, Dhule, Maharastra

Have been very hectic traveling since last few day, I am here to find some motivation with you guys, loving it

Jhonty Rhodes, Former south African cricketer